EggSwap FAQ

Do I need to unstake and restake?

If you were deposited before the migration, then no.

If weren't part of EggSwapbefore the migration, then you'd need to redeem your EggSwap LP tokens and come deposit them at to deposit.

Do I need to approve ELP?

Yes. ELP is our version of EGG-v2 LP tokens. They need to be approved to interact with the system.

Why don't I see my tokens on after migrating? and are two different smart contracts.

The page looks for LP tokens that are in your wallet (such as metamask) it cannot see what you have deposited into the farms on the /farms page. So it will show 0, but your LP tokens are still safe in that contract.

What is xEGG?

xEGG is what you get when you stake EGG on the new page - the xEGG staked earns a reward fee of 0.05% of all trades.

How are xEGG rewards sent?

When users make trades on the EggSwap Exchange a 0.3% fee is charged.

0.05% (1/6th of the fee) is added to the EGG Chicken Coop pool in the form of LP tokens for the relative pool.

When the rewards contract is called (minimum once per day) all the LP tokens are sold for EGG (on EggSwap Exchange). The newly purchased EGG is then divided up proportionally between the xEGG holders in the pool, meaning their xEGG is now worth more EGG.

Currently you will not see the gained amount until you have withdrawn.

It started as 1 EGG = 1 xEGG, but just like LP tokens the price of xEGG changes over time depend on how many EGG rewards are in the pool.

How do I get trade rewards?

If you have LP tokens you automatically get 0.25% of all trades in your pool added back to that pool, so you get a proportional share.

If you have xEGG staked then you continue to get 0.05% of all trade fees from all pools divided proportionally against your stake

When will we get the 2M migration airdrop?

As soon as the team is ready. They've had a LONG day with the migration, and I assume have passed out right now. Let them sleep.

Do I continue to get new $EGG rewards?

Yes new $EGG is issued every block for EGG staked in the /farms

Can I add new pairs to the default list on EGGSwap?

Yes, you can add a new pair at the you will be eligible for the 0.25% trade fee on that pair, but it is not eligible to appear on the default list or for the EGG rewards on

Are there plans to cap the $EGG distribution, lower the emission, or add burning?

Yes, all of those are being discussed and proposed. Did any pairs not migrate?

Yes, BASED is still using EGG-V2 tokens instead of ELP tokens due to the issues with their rebasing.

I can't see my LP tokens showing up?

Make sure to refresh your cache. There are lots of caching issues. Something on the page says EggSwap or EGG-V2

That's outdated refresh your cache.

Where can I see the TVL?

Is EggSwapnow the largest DEX by liquidity?


What is the purpose of $EGG now?

Now it can be used in yield farming on or staked as xEGG for trade fee rewards or used in governance voting or added as an LP on pools.

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